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Accelerus is a results-driven advisory firm designed to rapidly improve the health of businesses suffering a crisis of cash, leadership or productivity.


Typically, a business will experience periods of growth, stability followed by a period of decline. When a business hits a progressive downturn, our job is to find a path of recovery which is sustainable over the long term.


Our main objective is to arrest decline through financial, operational and human restructuring brought about by a deep understanding of the situation and a hands-on involvement in its regeneration.

The skills of Accelerus have been brought into sharp focus during the current Coronavirus pandemic which has left many businesses suffering a catastrophic and unexpected downturn. In these cases, our inputs can be instrumental in helping source Government funding through bounce-back loans and the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme.


We are also critically positioned to provide the support required to assist the post Covid period as markets recover at differing speeds.

Our leadership team is drawn from senior executives in the private and public sectors, all of whom have had first-hand experience of managing change in many different businesses, different sectors and in the ups and downs of the business lifecycle. 

Years of experience have allowed us to make valuable connections in the world of business and finance which we harness to help our clients achieve their ambitions.

Typically, our clients want help either to recover a challenged business or to accelerate an already thriving business. In both cases, we work closely with senior management to increase efficiency and productivity, release cash or find new funding, restructure where needed and provide top level mentoring to leadership. If needed, we are able to provide interim staff to deliver the change or growth plans.


Accelerus was formed in 2013 by Steve Benger, who has since expanded the business to include specialist divisions in care homes, healthcare and education.

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Our services

turnaround & recovery

Helping struggling
organisations back on their feet.

business development

Creating new avenues for growth.

Improving all aspects of financial management and arranging funding.

finance & funding

performance improvement

Examining and
re-tuning operations for maximum efficiency and

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strategy development

Creating strategies for sustainable growth.