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The FE and HE sectors, already under immense pressure from funding cuts and demands for improvement in efficiency and quality, now face the fall out from the coronavirus pandemic which looks set to create a hole in tuition fees estimated to reach more than £2.6bn.


The virus has led to a strong demand from students seeking a refund on fees, a drop in income from commercial activities and additional costs of remote working. Driven by Covid-19 fallout, Colleges and particularly Universities, now face a fall in student numbers together with significant challenges to their delivery models.

Accelerus has a deep understanding of both FE & HE sectors together with schools, academies and private schools and has worked successful with many organisations in restructuring programmes to face up to the challenges. Our team comprises turnaround professionals, financial experts and advisers from within the education sector (see PdF for latest update on HE)

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Case studies

Perfect Storm

We are helping a specialist education establishment caught in the perfect storm of declining student numbers and dwindling charitable income. Our programme includes a large re-structuring exercise covering staff and estates, strategic re-alignment and property rationalisation.

Restructuring plan


A large city FE college needed help with a major restructuring programme to meet the demands of the changing funding approach from Government following a period of poor leadership and dwindling student numbers. The work embraces a significant staff restructure >20% of reduction together with quality and curriculum improvements. Overlaid on this is in-depth involvement and engagement with all stakeholoders involved in the FE sector.

Our services

turnaround & recovery

Helping struggling
organisations back on their feet.

business development

Creating new avenues for growth.

Improving all aspects of financial management and arranging funding.

finance & funding

performance improvement

Examining and
re-tuning operations for maximum efficiency and

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strategy development

Creating strategies for sustainable growth.