Health Sector 


We recognise that the health sector is facing unprecedented pressure to deliver higher standards at lower costs– a challenge which has left many organisations with unbearable strains on service provision, struggling with financial deficits.

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has severely tested the NHS which has coped admirably, but the long-term impact has yet to emerge as hospitals attempt to catch up with the backlog to non Covid cases.

Over the coming years there will need to be long-term changes to how routine care is delivered, considerable effort at the front line and potentially an important role for the independent sector if the NHS is to return to a position whereby clinical operating standards and volumes of activity recover to pre-Covid levels without improving to desired levels of performance.

Our experts come from both private business, the NHS and the wider public sector where they have guided organisations of all sizes through challenging times, helping them on the road to achieve greater productivity, higher quality and safety standards and a stable platform for future business sustainability and growth.

We work alongside health service clients to develop and drive the implementation of operational productivity plans focused on achieving process repeatability and sustainability.


We can then help build a strategic growth or integration plan as the organisation requires and provide senior level HR development and mentoring support where the client requires this. Covid-19 has put significant pressures on NHS staff at many levels and so the HR support is viewed as a key part of the future needs of our support services.

Accelerus Health offers a wide range of services designed to improve the operational efficiency and quality of service of health sector organisations, from acute hospitals through to care homes and domiciliary care providers.


All our services are action oriented .We roll up our sleeves and work alongside our clients to achieve rapid results. We can assist with major restructuring programmes, major growth programmes as well as complex contract growth programmes and organisation integrations. We are also heavily focused on ensuring that all changes and benefits are sustained beyond our involvement. 

Our services


Business and service integration, operational productivity, turnaround and transformation


Governance and quality assurance , access target & quality programmes leadership and support

executive development

Coaching and mentoring of senior leadership

talent management

Supply of interim executive and operational staff if and when required