• Steve Benger

Post Covid-19 Recovery

Never has the UK needed the support of specialist business recovery skills more than the soon to come post Covid-19 period. All of us have watched and listened to the various commentators and seen the statistical projections unfold. We can only speculate currently as to how deep, wide and damaging the recessionary period will be. However, there are three certainties;

  1. Things will be very tough

  2. Things will be different

  3. We will recover

As with all changes that happen in life whether personal or business related, those that adapt quickly and effectively to the changing dynamics will recover and lead the way. Those that resist or delay will suffer and may not survive. What the past has taught us in respect of business recovery is that specialist, situational skills significantly help business leaders re-stabilise quickly and move forwards fully supported by all stakeholders.

In this context Accelerus has actively participated in helping over 75 different companies across many sectors come through challenging situations successfully. As we approach the up and coming period of “unknown, unknowns” when Government support programmes abate, loans start to be re-paid (CBILS, Bounce Back etc), deferred VAT & PAYE has to be re-paid and the aura of a possible 2nd Covid spike is around us, what is certain is that UK plc will need specialist help to steer the best path through.

Factoring in the above, we at Accelerus have continued to provide quality support to our wide range of clients up to and continuing through the ongoing pandemic. In this period we have watched and listened to our clients and the key stakeholders such that we are well placed from a structure, skills and service offering for the challenges that lay ahead. We firmly believe that our core ethos of close engagement, challenge and objective advice to business owners and executives still holds true. To this end we have re-aligned ourselves to be ready to help UK plc on the journey to come. The following headlines outline our focus;

  1. The addition of Mark Andrews to the leadership team with his extensive finance and funding experience

  2. Accelerus team leads covering the major geographic regions of England & Wales

  3. Specific sector/service upgrades in;

  4. Social Care

  5. Higher Education

  6. Covid specific funding and re-structuring support

  7. Enhanced support for UK SME clients in wide ranging sectors

Having put this updated platform in place we look forward to the challenges ahead and being able to assist many past, current and future clients successfully navigate their way through bumpy waters to come

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