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Accelerus has successfully advised more than 75 businesses since its inception and continues to help companies navigate the troubled waters of an ailing economy beleaguered by the impact of Coronavirus and the impending exit from the EU.

In addition to helping with these unprecedented events, Accelerus advises on day to day setbacks such as the sudden departure of a leader or investor, the unique complications of running a family business or the sudden loss of a major client.

Whatever the challenge, our team will immerse itself in your business and offer practical help and guidance to bring operations back on track. Typically, this will involve some form of financial and operational restructuring and the securing of additional funding or bringing new talent into the business.

Case studies

Replumbing business

Management failure drove the retired owner of this plumbing business  to re-engage actively with the business. The company's bank recommended hiring Accelerus to help bring the business back to its previous strong position. Cash stability was achieved along with a new lending structure with Bank, and a fresh leadership team  including a new MD and FC. Previous plans were scuppered by the arrival of Covid 19, but new team/Accelerus re-aligned the future plans and, supported by CJRS & CBILS, now have a strong plan for post Covid recovery.

Fisherman's friend

When Accelerus arrived at this long-established family fishing business, it was sinking fast. It was a loss making 3rd generation family business operating a poorly maintained fleet with a demotivated staff and restless shareholders. We appointed a new management team and set in place an efficiency programme and growth plan. Profits have picked up and with fresh funding, the business is set for growth.

China syndrome

A failed venture in China left this manufacturing company struggling to repay debts and lacking the skills and cash to restructure. The intervention of Accelerus saw debts repaid and a buyer found for the business. Accelerus struck deals with creditor and HMRC and provided the resource to help the finance team as well as mentoring for the MD.

The sound of success

A brilliant innovation in speaker technology may never have made it to market without the intervention of Accelerus who took control of the business to create an exciting future for all stakeholders. Operating costs were halved, a new sales structure implemented, and fresh investment brought in.

Software company reprogrammed

Accelerus helped create a new, more profitable future for this software company with 17 years of zero growth. Accelerus implemented a cost-reduction plan and reshaped the management team. An Accelerus partner remains onboard to this day.

turnaround & recovery

Helping struggling
organisations back on their feet.

business development

Creating new avenues for growth.

Improving all aspects of financial management and arranging funding.

finance & funding

performance improvement

Examining and
re-tuning operations for maximum efficiency and

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strategy development

Creating strategies for sustainable growth.