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Accelerus Aligning Itself for the Business Challenges of 2023

It seems like only yesterday that the Covid crisis hit and time seems to have compressed in some way as we enter 2023, nearly 3 years on. On it’s own the business challenges presented post Covid would be difficult but the political and economic pressures overlaid on this in 2022 driven by the war in Ukraine have stretched the challenges even further. The one certainty is that most businesses will have significant challenges and not only those who face cash crisis. In any environment there are those harder hit and those who have major opportunities. In either case there are difficulties to address and often dealing with significant growth opportunities can be as hard as those faced by businesses with declining situations.


During this transition period Accelerus has continued to support clients needing help but has also been preparing itself to align with the needs of clients in this ‘new’ world. We have added some skills to our team as well as creating relationships with partner companies where we can complement each others core offering where clients require other skills. Some of the areas we have done this are:

  • Added direct support skills to provide business transformation support particularly in commercial, operational and UK/International supply chain delivery areas

  • Sectorially we are generally agnostic with experience in many sectors. However, skills added give us direct experience of consumer goods retailing, food retailing and international communications provision

  • With the rapidly increasing focus from many companies driven by ESG & D&I agendas we have, and continue to, build partnership relationships with companies expert in these fields. We are certain that many of our future clients will need to address one or both of these soon and are thus building the relevant quality of support partnerships

Our core skills of operational & financial restructuring support continue, along with our

approach of working with and alongside our clients to achieve sustainable change and benefits remains at the heart of what we do

In support of the market offering, we have re-aligned the core team as follows;

  • I will continue to lead as Executive Chair

  • Mark Andrews will lead on all matters financial, including funding, with access to a strong network of accredited associates as and when assignments require more support

  • Ryan Short joins us as lead for our Commercial, Operational and Supply Chain transformation programmes. Having gained experience working for Newton Europe, he has since worked for BT, Boohoo & The Modern Milkman in board level transformation leadership positions. This adds more breadth to our offering now and skills that we believe that will be in large demand to many companies in 2023 and beyond

  • Chris Rhodes has built a strong profile in recent years supporting Social care clients and now leads in this area

  • Gareth Benger has returned to Accelerus to lead on business development and marketing, both for us and our clients who require this support to accelerate their capabilities.

  • In respect of the ESG & Diversity & Inclusivity agendas, we have developed reciprocal relationships to offer this support to clients


With this functional focus and new people structure we look forward to providing quality support and results delivery to a varied range of clients in the future.


Steve Benger



Accelerus Ltd

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