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Global Media & Telecoms Business

Turnover - £1bn
Sector - Media & Telecomms

The Project:

Process and organisation structure redesign to improve customer delivery outcomes whilst reducing business cost base


  • Redesigned sales enablement process of cyber security arm to ensure team focused right resource and energy on opportunities to deliver a 100% growth in revenue

  • Increased highly skilled workforce utilization by 10% pts, worth approximately £1m per annum, through assessment of time use and allocation

  • Reviewed and refreshed cyber unit organizational design to ensure right skilled resource was available with the right leadership and tools to execute against ambitious growth targets, including a spans and layers assessment, job role assessment and re-write

  • Developed a strategic restructuring plan cutting across departments and processes to deliver better quality outcomes to customers at lower cost to business through a simplified object oriented process, headcount reductions and touch point reductions

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